Nutrition in iron deficiency anemia

Nutrition in iron deficiency anemia


Proper nutrition prevents anemia. It is especially important for persons who have lost, or who lose larger amounts of blood in a certain period: women who lose large amounts during their period, patients who suffer from hemorrhoids or stomach ulcer etc.

The dominating  groceries in their nutrition should be mushrooms, dried fruits, egg yolks, clams, fish (tuna fish in particularly), string beans, meat (chicken and turkey meat especially). Anemic persons should also consume fair amounts of red and white onion, nuts, grains and green vegetables. Groceries that contain copper (cheese, seafood, livers, grains, green vegetables, apricots, dried figs and sweet cherries), help with the absorption of iron. Whole grains are a good source of iron but they should not be consumed with other iron-rich groceries. Spinach is rich in oxalate substances which decrease the absorption of iron.

Cooking groceries in cookware made of iron may help with increasing the level of iron in food up to twenty percent, but with the replacement of such cookware with aluminum and stainless steel cookware, the intake of iron now has decreased heavily. Unvarying nutrition, an exaggerated use of alcohol and coffee, vegetarianism, drastic diets for losing weight, insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables etc. increase the possibility for developing anemia. The consummation of groceries rich in vitamin C enlarges the absorption of iron, and it is highly recommendable to use vitamin C supplements (up to 2g daily). It is useful not to consume iron rich foods along with the consummation of dairy products.

It would be best if every meal contained fish or meat and vitamin C. Anemic persons should also spend much time in fresh air and walk at least one hour daily. Diverse nutrition, a regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as minimal consummation of alcohol, coffee, cocoa, aerated drinks and tea, are the best way to prevent anemia. If the iron intake through food is not sufficient, people suffering from anemia may also use supplements, which are work best if taken on an empty stomach. There may also be used vitamin B and vitamin C supplements in addition to the corresponding therapy recommended by a doctor.


Take one half kg of fresh apples, half a kg of beetroot and carrots and slice them up into tiny pieces. Leave it to stay for the night, drain it, and add half a kg of honey. Consume it three times a day with a soup spoon.

Fresh nettle salad combined with lemon juice and olive oil helps with beating anemia as well.

Nettle tea is a great beverage which helps fighting anemia. Parsley and coriander may also be very useful.